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A Mild Headache Reliever Using Cucumber and Spinach Juice + Peppermint Oil

I was in the kitchen cooking dinner and my youngest one looked at me from the table where she was doing her homework with a furrowed brow.

She had a headache and she was tired.

For homework, she had to do annotations and read a text all the way up to page 144.

She was on page 39.

Skip through the brief back and forth about why she didn't start the assignment earlier instead of leaving it for the last minute and we ended up back at the headache and fatigue.

Always one to indulge me and my remedies and concoctions, I mixed together some Cucumber and Spinach juice with a couple pinches of Turmeric (always) after checking to see if she'd had enough water to drink for the day. Cucumbers are high in B vitamins and electrolytes, Spinach has calming magnesium and Turmeric is the anti-inflammatory go-to. Combined, it's a good, fast-acting headache reliever. I also dabbed some Peppermint Oil on her temples and forehead, for the opposite effects of constriction.

The juice and the energizing/opening affect of the Peppermint also gave her a boost of energy that she needed to push through. And she did!

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