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Hiking in Portland, Jamaica
"Home, Everywhere" | Portland, Jamaica 
“And if sun comes,
how shall we greet him?” 
-Gwendolyn Brooks

When I first read that Zora Neale Hurston's mother used to tell her and her siblings to "jump at de sun" at every chance they got, I immediately started telling my two daughters— Kamani-Dale and Kennedi-Rae—to do the same every day, seeing it a fitting and actionable ethos to rise; to shine. I like to think of Jump At The Suns as an amorphous set of "instructions"—in the conceptual likeness of some of our earliest known and timeless texts. As a collaborative journalist, I am deeply oriented around this electric charge and its generative possibilities for storytelling and good living. 

And so, Jump At The Suns is a narrative space that chronicles the ways that family and community inspire mindful movement in the world. Here, we listen then tell, capture and re-count stories and moments, as our grandmothers, mothers, fathers, uncles, aunties, siblings and cousins would, around travel, food, recipes, rituals, wellness, literature, memories and sustainable living; all while learning what home feels like under the "warmth of other suns." 


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